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I have lived on Vancouver Island most of my life and the island is where I gain many of my ideas. To work outside my comfort zone and experiment with new concepts. I am always looking for new themes and images to incorporate into my repertoire. I also enjoy traveling to new places to gain knowledge of different art and fresh insight for my work. I found my passion for community art building during my first big worldly adventure 1997, or so. While on this sojourn, I found, correction, re-found my artist self. I have never looked back. I am an artist, a place maker, I am mother, partner, a dreamer.

I am.

I am very interested in my community, both local and global. I strive to provide the message of "use what you have", and "just because its broken doesn't mean it has to be thrown out", within most of my work. There are so many things to make art from and so many ways to make it. I love working in recycled materials and make the "something from nothing" philosophy part of all my work. I mostly concentrate on large mixed media community mosaics.

Since 2003 I have been body and soul involved in my work - my passion - the Community Unity Project Society and the Mosaic the City Program. I designed this project, this program that uses all my skills, all my interests and all my focus. I took a step into the unknown, with the faith that all things work out as they should, and that if this were not to be, it simply wouldn't work out. Thank goodness my tenacity has paid off and Community Unity has worked, not only am I able to do the project I want to do and turn away projects that just don't work, I am able to create projects that mean something, projects that connect people to each other, to their communities and to the art that will surround them.

I really do have so much to share. For these past twenty years I have been making art, being mentored and mentoring, co-creating, writing and traveling. I have been building businesses, parenting multiple humans, again as gracefully as I can, always expressing, vividly dreaming, growing strong, struggling hard, and weathering the storms of life - Being Shylene

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