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Kiko Denzer

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Kiko Denzer has been using earth (cob, or adobe) and other natural materials to make buildings, garden walls, ovens, fireplaces, murals, sculpture, and community art installations since 1994. He also works as a community developer, writer, publisher, teacher, builder, and for the past 20+ years, has been developing a permaculture homestead where he and his wife and have been raising two boys. Ten years ago he started carving firewood into spoons and bowls, which not only renewed his passion for sculpture, but further convinced him that, as Aristotle pointed out so long ago, art is not just for “art’s sake,” nor is it merely to make us feel good (recall that the opposite of “aesthetic” is “anaesthetic,” -- aka novocain). Rather, “the end of art is the good of (hu)man(kind).” Ovens, spoons, and bowls feed us all, not only soup and bread, but beauty, community, and connection to our maternal earth. Art is neither high nor low, but round, and whole.

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