Ready to share a story or project or opportunity with the community? 

The 20/20 Spotlights is your opportunity! Modelled after Pecha Kucha, the format is that you’ll have 20 slides/images, and 20 seconds of commentary/storytelling per slide (LIVE or PRE-RECORDED). Simple, elegant, engaging - and we’ll broadcast it to the natural building world!

We have room for about 21 Spotlights over the weekend, and hope you are among them! 
There's two ways to deliver a 20/20 Spotlight at the Colloquium!: 

1) LIVE:

We'll prepare a video from your 20 slides. With 20 seconds per slide, that's 6min 40sec for your whole presentation. We'll pull you up on screen (in ZOOM), and we'll play your slides for you. All you have to do is show up, and narrate your slides!


You can fully pre-record and send us your 6min 40sec talk, OR we can help you capture it via a scheduled ZOOM call. We'll be able to support presenters to capture SPOTLIGHTS until Monday November 23. 

Interested to present a 20/20 SPOTLIGHT? 

Email us today!:

We found this great EXAMPLE of what a SPOTLIGHT would look like. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with this basic content structure. See how easy this is?  :) 

Interested to present a 20/20 SPOTLIGHT?
Email us today!: